About Me

I started off doing data processing in python while studying physics at ETH, then got hooked by free software scratching my own photography itches and eventually ended up co-maintaining Syncthing, a versatile, decentralised synchronisation tool. What drew me into such projects is a desire to solve problems: I can analyse the situation, come up with approaches for solutions and immediately start realising them - this is super rewarding to me.

I consider myself a generalist: I like to focus on the goal to be achieved, properly evaluate the options to get there and transparently decide on the way forward. Which may be some new promising tool I need to pick up, one where I have previous experience or one that conforms to a legacy system in place - whatever gets the job done.

My main occupation at the moment is with Syncthing. On the one hand developing the project itself (written in Go), on the other hand helping to deploy Syncthing in different setups and use-cases. If you are looking for a solution to always have your vital data available to work with on all of your or clients devices, Syncthing is for you. It’s design means you always control your data and once set up, it just works. If you are interested and have any questions whatsoever, I am very happy to assist you - don’t hesitate to contact me.

Besides that I am working on a mobile video solution in the health sector. This involves an mobile app written in Xamarin/.NET/C# and basic client-server REST APIs. Previously I have done scientific data processing and visualisation, including simulating and visualising 3D structures. I have come into contact with many other technologies and am happy to, and reasonably fast at picking up whatever is required.


I am passionate about mountaineering, and equally passionate about passing on that passion. I am an avid member for a long time, a tour guide for actually also a long time and since recently have the privilege to be co-president of the youth section of the SAC Bachtel. It’s a wonderful group of people pursuing a great hobby. If you (or your youngsters) might enjoy some climbing or skitouring, check out our youth tours or those of main section.

Then there’s the awesome Discovery Semester at ETH Zurich providing an insight into studying there to refugees with an academic background. The goal is to help achieve equal education opportunities to everyone

Just to mention two of the many things I enjoy and care about - no point trying to list everything here ☺